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Excessive Daytime Sleepiness In Texas

Why do We Sleep?
The majority of people think that when we are sleeping, our body is totally calm, at rest, and not functioning at full capacity. Your body might be resting, yes, but there’s so much more going on beneath the surface while youExcessive Daytime Sleepiness: Sleep Center Houston Diagnostics sleep. It’s true that scientists don’t fully understand why we need sleep to refresh and repair, or why we need to sleep as long as we do, but some of the more critical reasons for sleep have been explained in years past.

When we sleep, our mind takes the huge glut of information that has been encountered and sorts through it. While your body is resting, your mind is busy picking the important parts of your day out, and creating long term memories. The process of your memories moving from ‘short term’ to ‘long term’ memories while you sleep is often called ‘consolidation’.

While you may think you’re simply laying there, body completely at ease while your mind races, you’d be wrong. The truth is, your body is hard at work while you’re sleeping. It’s during this time that you body repairs itself. Your body will take the time to rest, repair injured tissues, and to create hormones. Your body is always working, even when you’re deeply asleep.

How much Sleep is Enough?
The number of sleeping hours is different for everyone, really. Age plays a large role in how much sleep you need, but gender plays a role as well, albeit much smaller.

Studies show that children need more sleep, as their bodies grow quickly. The average one year old needs between 11-14 of sleep each day, though the number of hours decreases as they age. Elementary aged children, for example, need between 9-10 hours a night. Don’t let your teenager fool you, though. They may need more sleep than an adult, but require 8-10 hours versus the 7-9 a full grown adult requires.

As far as gender goes, there have been studies showing that men requires less sleep than women. It’s not a huge difference in time, really. Women, on average, require up to half an hour of sleep longer than their male counterparts.

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness
Everyone will experience some sleepiness during the day. Simple everyday things can make sleeping difficult, like Excessive Daytime Sleepiness: Treat it at Apnix Sleep Diagnosticscity noises at night, or even just bad dreams from stress. If you find yourself experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness, however, there are a few simple things to do that could help you sleep better.

A dedicated sleep schedule is simple to maintain and can help improve the quality of your sleep. It’s a simple as going to bed at the same time every night, and waking up at the same time every morning. Of course, for a proper sleep schedule to work, you want to ensure that you’re going to be getting enough sleep. Going to bed every night at 2 A.M. and getting up at 7 A.M. does not count as a healthy sleep schedule.

There’s a number of things you can do, or avoid, before bed to help with the quantity, and quality, of your sleep that Apnix has covered before.

If you are still experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness, it may be time to contact your doctor. You could be suffering from an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Sleep apnea, for example, is a sleep disorder that greatly affects the quality of your sleep. The constant stopping and starting of breathing often leaves people feeling tired, and often irritable.

No matter what the cause of your excessive daytime sleepiness is, Apnix Sleep Diagnostics is here to help. With eight locations spread through the Greater Houston Area, we can help you get to the bottom of your day time sleepiness. Contact Apnix today if you or a loved one are suffering from excessive daytime sleepiness.

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